Kenza Kamraan, Alisha Kamraan

KenzaKamraan and Alisha Kamraan are siblings. Kenza is seven year old and Alisha is 5 year old. When we met with their parents Kamraan Masih and NausheenBibi, I see how relieved they look. When I ask about how they are feeling about the opening of the school, they said, “We are more than satisfied”.

They shared their fears with us, they said, “We were afraid of the situation of our colony. There was not a single school and most of the kids spent their time in wandering around and learn bad things from other kids. They use slang language and don’t hesitate to lie or even to steal”. They said, “We feel so good that now our kids are in good hands and God’s chosen people are taking care of them”.

Kenza and Alisha’s father is a laborer and earns his living on daily wages. They said we are living this life because we didn’t get education but we want our kids to see successful. It was such a joy and an indescribable experience of love to listen all of the good things about the school. They were filled with the feeling of thankfulness and were saying continually that they will be keeping all of the school team, ministry and supporters in their prayers.

Carol Heera

Carol Heera is a five year old little girl. She is really a cute little girl. She speaks really cute things in her sweet little voice. Her father Heera Masih works as a laborer and earn money on daily wages. Her mother SumeraBibi works as a house maid.

Her mother said, it was one of her greatest concerns that she had to take her girl with her at work.Now because Carol has got admission in school. They are happy that Carol is learning good things in a good atmosphere.

Carol’s father is happy and excited and said, “I always wanted to see my little girl getting education, but we were so much worried as we had no school nearby and it was really difficult for us to take her to the school which is far away from our residence.

God is good that He provides a school here in slums so that those kids who are unable to go far away to get education can read and write and secure their future. Carols parents prayed for The Royal Ambassadors Ministries and for all of them who are involved in this great work.

Vishal Riaz

VishaRiaz is aeigt years old little boy. He is very energetic and loves to make friends. When we go there to visit his parents, he was busy in doing his homework. He was very excited to see me and start telling what he has been taught at school.

Her parents Riaz Masih and ShaziBibi were so proud on their son. They said all thanks goes to “School pf Hope” because this school has changed the behavior of Vishal so much. Now he knows how to give respect to the elders, He don’t quarrels with other kids. He starts learning in no time.

Parents were happy and said we pray for the prosperity of the school. It brought a great difference in their kid’s behavior and they are hoping to see many good changes in him. Vishal’s father is working privately and said I can’t earn much but for the sake of Vishal’s better future, he will work more hard because it is worth to work hard when it is about the future of the kids.